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About Amach

AMACH is a contemporary Irish based fashion brand. Co-Founders Rowena and Liam celebrate their love of art and culture by producing story-driven, ready-to-wear collections. High design, attention to detail and an emphasis on ethical fabrics and production are the pillars upon which the brand is built.

With over 25 years of industry experience between them, at their core is a deep love of fashion. AMACH is based in the historical home of shirt-making, the Rosemount Factory, in Derry. This is a special place that saw 1000’s of talented shirt makers work for over 150 years. The last orders for shirts left the great building in the early 90’s.

The Rosemount Factory is an iconic and historic symbol of a lost trade in Derry. On top of the building is an art installation by Tim Etchell’s which can be seen from every vantage point of the city. Lit up, the piece reads “A Stitch in Time”.